About Us

Our Story
Sempervivae was started by Charles and Sarah Westergard, residents of the Seattle area.  Ever since we were young, both of us have loved plants.  Sarah has spent many of her youthful days helping her mother arrange and deliver amazing floral arrangements in the classic English style.  Charles used to spend most of his paper route money going to the local Ben Franklin and buying small tropical plants in 1" pots, making terrariums to give to friends.  He impressed his future bride-to-be driving around a 1966 Volvo with a cactus garden planted in the rear window deck...  complete with a plastic lizard!

Sempervivae is Latin for "ever living." We have always been impressed with the hardiness and cheerfulness that the common Houseleek, aka "Hens and Chicks," aka sempervivum sps., goes about its life.  These hardy plants and their allies make wonderful container plants for the urban dweller with small spaces that may not seem conducive to "gardening" in the traditional sense. We make containers and propagate our own rare cultivars of these plants, arranging them with native rock, lichens and wood in artful, yet natural motifs.

Sempervivae LLC was started in January 2020 to help urban gardeners grow a little slice of the alpine wilderness right on their deck or patio.

Contact Us

We are physically located in the Seattle area and are not quite ready to have visitors.  Please reach us by email. We will be happy to respond!